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The 10 Best John Boos Butcher Blocks



ased in Effingham, Illinois, John Boos and company have developed the top model of wooden tables and butcher blocks for more than 130 years. Are the masters table, in fact, that his reputation precedes luxury kitchens worldwide. If you, your restaurant or cook at home in your life is looking for a high quality cutting surface, it will be perfect

1. Fusion Board

Available in cherry, maple or rich, dark walnut, delivery Fusion Board, design elements appeal Far East, sustainability and quality of Boos name. Four wooden legs keep high above the counter, for ease of use, more hygienic.

  • 20- by 15-inch surface
  • Extremely smooth oil finish
  • May arrive with uneven rubber feet

2. CCB183 Round

To the extent that an interesting feature kitchen because it is a versatile preparation tools, CCB183 Ronda is a particularly strong operating option as an elegant serving dish and clean. It fits easily in a large pile of fruit, meats and cheeses.

  • Weighs about twenty pounds
  • Two sturdy metal handles
  • No groove to catch liquids

3. BBQ BD-6

A perfect size for small homes, BD-6 barbecue has a wide groove on one side to prevent juices from spilling across the staging area. It is half an inch thick and American maple, and costs a bit less than most other companys models.

  • Relatively lightweight construction
  • Ships with minimal oil treatment
  • Not ideal for large cuts of meat

4. BS Square

It is available in 9 and 12-inch varieties, BS Square is quite small, and almost as cute as they come. It is made with your choice of maple or walnut hand-selected, and makes a delicious cheese and sausage on board.

  • Four round wooden legs
  • Susceptible to knife marks
  • Lacks nonslip feet

5. PCA2 Walnut

Remarkably similar to the hand piece by Conrad Boos inspired his son to enter the culinary field, nuts PCA2 is 34 inches tall and weighs over a hundred pounds. His body vertical end grain mitigates the damage of his knife very hard wood.

  • Can last a lifetime with proper care
  • 24-inch by 18-inch top
  • An extremely expensive choice

6. Newton Prep Master

Quite the intelligent design model, the main preparation Newton built to store liquids that infiltrate freshly cooked meat and valuable a hidden slot on the bottom for use with a crescent knife tray slot or roll.

  • Over 2 inches thick
  • Extra-large juice channel
  • Somewhat costly for its size

7. CCB12 3-Inch

With two storage locations, practice, CCB12 3 inches allows you to keep your blades in the list, allowing easy cutting at any time. It occurs in traditional maple and walnut ultra-strong, although it is much more expensive.

  • Heavy enough to keep from sliding
  • About 140 sq in of cutting surface
  • Engraved carrying handles

8. OCB-18P Octagonal

A fantastic addition to the arsenal barbecue fan, octagonal OCB-18P has a slot for a ninth pan to collect the juice as built by eruptive magically delicious freshly roasted bird or ribs.

  • 3 inches of end-grain wood
  • Dual stainless-steel handles
  • Approximately 18-inch diameter

9. Classic Collection

Almost as easy as possible, the collection is made from the end pieces 4 inches long, which are particularly resistant and knives cutting relatively easy. It is available in sizes ranging from 18 inches to 2 feet by 4 feet square.

  • Sustainably sourced maple
  • Perfect for full-time use
  • Can accommodate the biggest tasks

10. RA Series

The RA series is particularly simple, decorated with nothing but a pair of handles to turn around or take the washing area. quality craftsmanship Offers for which the brand is known for a price that many home cooks can afford.

  • Identical on both sides
  • Edge grain construction
  • Over two inches thick

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The 10 Best Martini Glasses




f your favorite martinis shaken, agitated, or just rich, you still need a container from which enjoy. We made sure to include plenty of classic drinks in a variety of sizes, but also looked for unique and stylish glasses that have your guests talking long after the cocktail hour is over, with some that are appropriate for outdoor use

1. Fitz and Floyd Daphne

These glasses striking cocktail bowls Fitz and Floyd perch traditional conical top really unusual Daphne, no doubt racing, painted copper rods. Just know that they fall easily when pushed, so try to use them for the first few laps.

  • Large 12-ounce capacity
  • Surprisingly lightweight
  • Must be washed by hand

2. Snowfox Stainless Steel

If you like to take your time to drink, consider stainless steel SnowFox which are vacuum insulated to keep beverages cold longer. tires thin felt as if using a glass material, and design of the formation of condensation prevents double wall.

  • Choose from a variety of colors
  • Matching shaker sold separately
  • Coating may scratch off over time

3. Libbey Preston

Libbey Preston is as a set of four for a very affordable price, and basic but stylish, selection should last for years with proper care. size 10-ounce can contain a generous pour, and also makes it ideal for snacks and individual desserts.

  • Made in the united states
  • Well-balanced and stable
  • Glass is durably thick

4. Rona Slovakia

Rona Slovakia are beautiful and discreet, and stemless design reduces the likelihood that you or your guests to pour the drink into the room. They are made with lead-free glass and are suitable for cocktails and white wine glasses.

  • Also good for candles or flowers
  • Imported from slovakia
  • Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning

5. PureCopper Hand-Hammered Artisanal

The PureCopper hand-hammered hand can certainly be used for serving delicious drinks and leave an impression on anyone lucky enough to be given, but this versatile boat can also be used to decorate a room or a place for photography .

  • Great for moscow mules
  • Requires occasional polishing
  • Expensive for a single piece

6. RSVP Endurance

Elegant RSVP resistance almost impossible to break. This means they can be used to give a modern style with pool Meeting or be stuck in a package tour to enjoy a cocktail by the fire at your campsite.

  • Available as a set of two or four
  • Satin finish with polished interior
  • Steel helps to keep drinks cold

7. Mikasa Cheers

Add a little whimsy to your happy hour with Mikasa cheers, which are precision engraved with stripes, swirls and dots, making it easy for your guests to tell them apart without the need to drink glass charms.

  • Elegant slender stems
  • Rounded rims for comfortable sipping
  • Matching dinnerware also available

8. JoyJolt Carre

With its distinctive square shape, JoyJolt Square is sure to attract attention. Its strong, strong bases are resistant to breakage and make it almost impossible to switch, even once you get a couple of drinks in the evening.

  • Handmade by artisans
  • One-year satisfaction guarantee
  • Packed in a luxury gift box

9. Lenox Tuscany

With its classic, sophisticated design, Tuscany Lenox satisfy the purists, and they look beautiful with contemporary decor, too. They are high, but well balanced, and the edges are slightly wider at the top, making them feel at ease drinking.

  • Made from european crystal
  • Good quality for the price
  • Lifetime breakage replacements

10. Riedel Vinum

Handmade in Bavaria by a family of famous glassblowers, a pair of Vinum is, I hope, a purchase that will last a lifetime. It is superlative drinkware crystal machine true lead, not ensuring cracks bowls luster and shine.

  • Sized perfectly for classic martinis
  • Thin but sturdy stems
  • Hand-washing recommended

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The 10 Best Kitchen Canisters




lthough the state of disorder in your pantry is the stuff of nightmares Martha Stewart, the good set of pots can make all the difference in the world. With further organize our wide range of sizes, materials and configurations to bring the chaos, makeover your kitchen can not be presented in the next issue of the magazine House and garden, but could be

1. Home Basics Ceramic

Each ceramic Home Essentials has its own wooden spoon carefully hidden in the handle of a spoon to things like coffee, tea, sugar and cocoa powder without rummaging through the silverware drawer. folding pliers provide a seal to protect all within goodness.

  • Colors to match any decor
  • Excellent value for the money
  • Clasps arent easily replaceable

2. Oxo Good Grips Pop

Reminiscent of sweet temptations dazzling collections that line the shelves of a candy store, OXO Good Grips Pop is an inspired choice to keep candy, cookies and other treats right where you can see.

  • Close tightly with touch of a button
  • Wide mouth for easy access
  • Material is prone to discoloration

3. Le Creuset Stoneware

The Creuset Stoneware offers a seemingly endless series of durable glazing finishes in vibrant colors that make it attractive countertop displays. They can also be placed on open shelves is robust facade or glass, while the content of it remain hidden safely view.

  • Round and rectangular options
  • Come with lifetime warranty
  • Airtight seals are unreliable

4. Oggi Acrylics

Cristalinas Oggi Acrylics offers stylish and convenient storage in a variety of sizes useful for conservation-conscious foods your budget is not as difficult to announce Cheap Date if you sit at the view when you entertain company.

  • Heights of 4-9 inches
  • Lightweight and break-resistant
  • Latching lids arent interchangeable

5. Milton Stacko 360

The oval Milton Stacko 360 can be arranged in all kinds of ways to meet your particular needs, mixing trail maintenance hand for snacks, exotic hoarding grain and vegetables with unpronounceable names until you can figure out how the hell to prepare.

  • Set includes 2 snap-on pouring lids
  • Semitransparent and label-friendly
  • Ergonomic contoured edges

6. Easy Lock Airtight

With more than a gallon of capacity and flip-top closure, airtight Easy Lock offers plenty of space for food cabinets in bulk to fill without overloading or take excess moisture. Use them in the refrigerator or on closet shelves to keep them visible and fresh ingredients.

  • Made from bpa-free plastic
  • Space-saving design
  • Covered by satisfaction guarantee

7. Rubbermaid Zylar

Mix and match to stack assorted Rubbermaid ZYLAR to build the organization of your food grade plastic wildest dreams system. With a wide and high and see through drawings, you can keep all sorts of well-ordered candy and right hand.

  • Odor- and stain-resistant
  • Volume markings on sides
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe

8. Anchor Hocking

Sold individually or as part of a set, glass Anchor Hocking nonreactive with interchangeable caps and seals, they offer a wide range of volumes for poultry all the tea leaves and scobies house Kombucha, or content of a cereal box.

  • Heavy-duty hinged clamps
  • Easy to see whats inside
  • Attractive and multifunctional

9. Equinox Royal

The real equinox are available in four different sizes BPA stackable rectangular for versatile storage that efficiently uses even the most confined spaces. The locking mechanism holds tight while they escape or be infiltrated.

  • Easy-open airtight lids
  • Convenient design for pouring
  • Removable sealing gaskets

10. Tramontina Gourmet

Tramontina 8-room gourmet stainless steel with tempered glass lids brings the classic style with DRY prevention products purchased to go stale or be attacked by vermin. measuring spoons make it easier to reach as much of the content you need.

  • Silicone gaskets maintain freshness
  • Easy-to access cylindrical shape
  • Durable and multipurpose

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The 10 Best Pastry Boards




f youre a baker casual home or professional chef creating culinary masterpieces, good pastry board can make the difference between a treatment and a pasty mess. Ideal for all cooking needs, including material paste pizza, kneading bread, and more, our selection includes something for everyone

1. Catskill Craftsmen

The Catskill craftsmen is durable, beautiful, and offers a generous 22 inches long which is perfect for working with the rebel masses. It is reversible, allowing the separation of flavor when working with several recipes, and it looks very good on the counter, even when not in use.

  • Marked with standard crust sizes
  • Grooved edge for catching liquids
  • Could stand to be a bit thicker

2. Minchsrin Silicone Work Mat

Carpet Minchsrin is made of high quality, BPA-free silicone food grade. Heat resistant Corresponds 480 degrees F, but the bubble in the oven if not put completely flat. It is safe to put in the dishwasher, and you can use cookie cutters on it too.

  • Can be rolled up for easy storage
  • Measurements printed on the surface
  • A bit difficult to clean

3. Dexas Superboard

Available in three sizes and three colors to suit your needs and fit your kitchen, the Dexas is built Superboard durable material with a marbled design made to look like granite. It is manufactured in the US and also serves as a cutting edge.

  • Wont dull knife blades
  • Material is stain-resistant
  • Warps rather easily

4. Fox Run Marble

As beautiful as it is functional, marble Fox looks great on a desk being, and can even double as a service box. It is made of natural stone, so that each piece is unique, and will not absorb moisture, oils or odors, making cleaning a breeze.

  • Nonslip feet protect counters
  • Available in three different colors
  • Tends to wobble during use

5. Bakeit Fun Silicone

Silicone Bakeit Fun is a giant mat size that is completely flat and sticks to the counter so tightly that does not move, even when deploying pizza crusts and pie. The circular marks make it easy to reach the mass of an appropriate size for your prescription.

  • Includes handy conversion charts
  • Heat-resistant up to 450 degrees
  • Made of bpa-free materials

6. Sur La Table

The elegant Sur La Table is perfect for delicate recipes. Pierre keeps butter and other sensitive ingredients cold temperature, so its mass stays easy to work, and each of their own unique styles and fun colors.

  • Four nonskid feet keep it in place
  • Naturally nonstick material
  • Weighs almost 30 pounds

7. Snow River Maple

Beautifully constructed wooden massive, snow Maple River is durable enough to handle even the toughest dough. Is made of environmentally friendly materials and seamless design has no cracks or crevices on the construction of flour.

  • Smooth nonstick surface
  • Backsplash prevents messes
  • Front lip holds it in place

8. Bake Buddy Jumbo

Cook friend Jumbo has an extra large surface area of ??20 x 30, which gives you plenty of room for mass deployment cakes. It is printed with 3 and 4 inch circles to help make cookies of uniform size, and can be rolled or folded for compact storage.

  • Includes a bonus silicone baking mat
  • Can handle temperatures up to 450 f
  • Dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup

9. Silibake Mat

The Silibake MAT fan favorite clings to your desk you knead and roll the dough on the nonstick surface. It is easily rolled up when you are finished with it, it is safe to put in the freezer, oven, dishwasher, and includes a rigid plastic tube for hanging storage.

  • Available in two sizes
  • Metric- and imperial-ruled edges
  • Dough recipes printed on surface

10. Tableboard Company

Tableboard extra large company is reversible and made from maple top by Amish craftsmen in Iowa. This means you can use one side as a cutting board, keeping the other smooth side to work with the dough.

  • Sealed with food-safe mineral oil
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Great for pizza doughs

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